Your senior portrait should capture your beauty, but also reflects who you are. You are welcome to wear something special, bring a prop or pet or chose a location that is meaningful to you or to your family. In general, I usually tell my clients that less is more and try to keep wardrobe and makeup simple. The following are a few guidelines which might help you though the preparation process:

  • Clothing should be simple and well fitting. Soft prints or solids usually work best. Choose an outfit that does not overpower you. Try to avoid shirts that are very low cut as it may limit the poses that we can chose.
  • Bring a couple of different tops and perhaps a dress. Vary the colors and styles of the tops.
  • Shoes can be subtle, fun or just bare feet.
  • Jewelry should be minimal or simple.
  • For make up, I suggest a light coat of black or brown mascara, matte eye shadow perhaps in the “naked” line, soft eyeliner and apricot or peach blush applied to the “apple” of the cheeks. Brows should be neat – keep brow pencil subtle and natural.
  • No hair bands around wrists. Manicured or clean unpolished finger nails and toes.
  • Hair can be pulled back or worn down (or both). I suggest keeping with a style that you are comfortable with and if you want to try something new, try it ahead of the session to see if it works for you.

Remember, these are just suggestions and this is your portrait, so feel free to express yourself and break all of the rules.