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Rainbow Warriors – Magical Moon Foundation

The Magical Moon is a very special place.  A place that captured my heart the first time that I set foot on the grounds of  575 Summer Street located in the heart of Marshfield, Massachusetts.

The Moon is run by Donna Green who is one of the most powerful, creative and dynamic woman that I have ever met.  Together with her small staff and volunteers, she is weaving her passion for the earth, for health and for children into educating and empowering children with brain tumors to help save the world and heal themselves.  I became involved with the Moon when my daughter volunteered there and told me that I had to go and see the place and meet Donna.

Families with sick children come to The Magical Moon for it’s support and because it’s just a special place to be with so many wonderful, talented people making it work.  Donn’s recent campaign is called “Rainbow Warriors” and it celebrates her Knights and their missions.  I have chosen to photograph as many Knights as I can to create a gallery of Rainbow Warriors.  The Knights are invited to my studio, given wardrobe and props, we apply make-up if they’d like and basically create images that reflect the power within them.

I recently had Nikki “The Fierce” and Lauren “The Lionhearted” in my studio together for a session.  Although there is over a 10 age difference between these lovely ladies, it was quickly obvious to me that they shared the same fierceness and determination.  Neither on of these young women were going to be victims and they are not alone.

The Magical Moon Foundation relies heavily on donations and volunteers.  If you would like to be a part of the Moon, please visit their website at:

The Magical Moon Foundation



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