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The “Reveal Wall”

What the heck is a “reveal wall”?  The first time that I heard this term from my mentor, Sue Bryce, I was intrigued.  The only method for showing my clients images was an online gallery or on a comuter screen. What I came to understand from Sue, is the value of seeing and touching your portraits as matted prints rather than on a screen making it so much easier for my clients to choose their images.

The ideas of the reveal wall is to print all of the fully retouched images, usually around 20 – 30 images, from the session and display them on a wall for viewing.  Clients can see, touch and evaluate the actual printed artwork rather than a digital image.  Once I implemented the reveal wall as a way of showing my clients their session, I realized that this is the best way to service my clients.  I watch them view all of their images at once and am amazed at how much easier an experience it is for them.  Clients love to compare the images side by side and build their order.

One of my favorite products is a “folio box” which is a beautiful box with a clear acrylic lid which holds the matted prints.  Clients can actually pick their prints from the wall and walk out with their order (or part of it if they order framed wall portraits as well).  These boxes are filled with 7″x 10″ archival matted prints that can be placed in 11″ x 14″ frames.  It can be displayed on a coffee table. or put in a bookshelf.  Images can pop easily into 11 x 14 frames to display on their walls or simply store and display from the folio box,

I invite anyone interested in having their portraits taken to make an appointment to stop by my studio where you can see a reveal wall, view some sample products and talk about how you would like to be photographed and with whom.


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