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Who is Sue Bryce and why am I spending hours watching her?

I first came across Sue Bryce when an image of hers caught my eye on Facebook.  Something about Sue’s work spoke to me in a way that no other photographer has.  I then watched Sue interviewing a beautiful, curvy blonde who had never loved an image of herself.  Sue’s compassion and empathy toward Jen allowed Jen to trust and surrender so that Sue could create spectacular images that Jen would treasure forever.  I was totally and hopelessly in love with her style of photography, her superpower of connecting with her subjects, her products and her way of giving the most incredible service to her clients .

So, how do these hundreds of hours watching Sue’s videos benefit my clients and why am I writing about her?  I share Sue’s belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to feel beautiful and have portraits that reflect those feelings. As a result of Sue’s teachings, my photography has been dramatically changed and more importantly, so have I.  The choices that I now make with lighting and posing people, help to bring out the best in them while delivering incredible results.   Together, we create wardrobes, provide props, style hair and make-up to customize each session based on each client’s needs and desires.  Being a better person and focusing on what is possible in my life, is the most significant part of my education from Sue Bryce.  Sue delivers her wealth of knowledge in an easy to understand, easy to implement (yes, with hundreds of hours of practice and hard work) system that has changed me forever.

Sue has inspired me in so many ways and I’ve never found such abundance of information and knowledge as I have on  Sue Bryce Education.  To learn more about Sue, visit her websites at Sue Bryce Photography and Sue Bryce Education.

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